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OpenDrive Crack

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OpenDrive Crack

The world of unlimited cloud storage has a population of one: OpenDrive. The cost is right, too, at just $9.99 per month, the same as 1TB of Dropbox Plus storage.

Cheap, unlimited storage is a nice draw, but execution is just as important. During this OpenDrive review, we’ll find out how the service ranks against the best cloud storage options available today.

If you’re just looking for the highlights, outside of its generous storage allotment, there’s quite a bit to like. OpenDrive is one of the few cloud service to offer both cloud storage and online backup functionality. It also provides zero-knowledge encryption, file sharing and mobile apps.

We were likewise impressed by the fact that the service comes with an integrated notes app and task-management capabilities. You can even share your account with multiple users — four on an unlimited plan — which is otherwise unheard of in the consumer cloud storage field.

While OpenDrive shines on paper, however, we found the service to be somewhat buggy, highlighted by slow and occasionally failed sync processes. The general user experience also feels a bit old-fashioned.

Keep reading to find out what else we did and didn’t like or test the service yourself with a free 5GB account. If OpenDrive doesn’t float your boat, check out our cloud storage reviewslibrary for alternatives.

OpenDrive – SCAM or LEGIT – Review – Quick summary

OpenDrive Review: It could be a decent cloud storage if only they kept working on it, but it almost seems like the development has halted and there will be no new updates. It’s also very hostile to the free users, so unless you’re planning to upgrade to one of their plans you should skip this one right away. They are one of the few cloud storages that offer unlimited storage for a decent price. However, there are so many problems that you will probably run into, which makes this cloud storage quite bad when compared to others.

It’s known for having issues with the backup feature, the refund policy is fishy, and the security of your files is questionable

OpenDrive Crack


OpenDrive is primarily a cloud storage service, though it also has limited online backup functionality. This makes it one of the few cloud services that try to do both, although we’d recommend a dedicated online backup service if redundancy is high on your list (we’ll subtly plug our overview of best data recovery solutions here).

Check out our guide on the differences between cloud storage and online backup to learn more about what each type of service can do for you. Our best online backup guide can point you to a dedicated provider, as well, if you need something with more oomph than OpenDrive.

As a cloud storage service, one of OpenDrive’s primary goals is to extend the space available to you on your hard drive by letting you store files on remote servers. It’s the only cloud storage service to provide unlimited storage (though it falls short when it comes to its free plan, read our best free cloud storage article for more information).

That benefit comes at a reasonable cost, too, which we detail in our pricing segment, next. Most people like won’t need that much space, though, and you can opt for less at a slightly lower cost.

Unlimited plans can’t be used to backup files from NAS devices, either, while capped storage plans can. See our best backup for NAS guide for other suggestions.

What’s New

  • – Bug fixes

In version 3.3.5:
– Fixed: Unable to link multiple One Drive accounts
– Bug fixes and performance improvements
In version 3.3.1:
– Bugfix: Fixed browsing of large One drive folder
– Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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